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The Re-Birth

Well it is time to resurrect the website and make sure that our new sense of wanderlust is chronicled for posterity. Derrick and I decided a couple of years ago that it was time to stop being stuck in our rut and it was time to see the world.

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So since this is a work in progress I apologise for any broken links or incompleteness on this site.

This is Chase, Derrick, Max, and Cheryl from August, 2011


We are a family of five. Derrick and I have been married for 11 years now and we have 3 wonderful sons. Chase is the oldest at 24, Donald is 21 and Thomas is the youngest at 16. We have been together as a family, since 2000 when Derrick decided to marry me and help me raise the boys. In September of 2010 we adopted our first girl. Her name is Belle and she is the first puppy I have had in 15 years and is a certified Yukon Pound puppy. She is the only other girl in our house.

Our family again expanded in April of 2011 to include our first grandson. So there will be lots of baby pictures as we start recording the lives of our grown children as they start their adult lives and start families of their own. This doesn't include our youngest, Thomas, as he just getting to the end of high school and while we will still write a lot about him he is not allowed to start a family of his own for a few more years.


Derrick is a long time Yukoner. His family moved here from Saskatchewan to Faro when he was 11 in 1973 (do the math).


I am a newer Yukoner but I have had family in the territory for 40 some odd years. I moved up in 1997, went to Yukon College and met Derrick there.


Chase came to the Yukon with me in 1997 at the ripe old age of 10. Chase was young enough and went through school here and can be considered a Yukoner as well. Chase moved to Red Deer and in April 2011 gave Derrick and I our first grandson. Maxwell John Gammel, born April 17, 2011


Donald graduated high school in 2009 and after a couple of years of working and enjoying not being in school every day, he has decided to start his career by taking his pre-employment welding and joining the real working men (not to mention the more-than-minimum-wage folks).


Thomas is in grade 11 and is still in the midst of his teenage angst. He works at McDonalds and he has decided that money is great, but he still manages to make sure school is still taken care of (with some help from Mom and Dad aka Cheryl and Derrick).

Our first trip out of the country was to San Diego. We then decided that we needed to leave the continent and we went to Cuba. This year our trip takes us and our 16 year old son,Thomas, to Maui. Still tropical but English speaking and the American dollar is awesome for us Canadians right now.

Derrick's Note: To heck with Mexico, the DR, Cuba, or the Bahamas... We are *definitely* going back to Maui! The place is frigging awesome!


The recipes page is up! We wanted to share some of our favourite recipes with people, and some of my (Derrick's) creations or modifications. Some of you know that I'm A) not skinny, and 2) diabetic. I've tried to make some changes to some of the recipes so that they are healthier but still satisfy cravings for good food. I ain't no chef, but I've found some decent stuff. Check it out from the link at the top of the page!

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